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Viewing Lyrics for Rescue Me:

Artist:John Reuben
Track:Rescue Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Your Love is like a river, springing forth from fountains deep within,
yeah, truly, theres no other, as much in love with you I've never been,
Oh my

If I could touch, the hem of his garment, I believe one touch would make me whole
If I could press my way through this crowd,(my way through this crowd) I know,
you'll rescue me, I know you'll rescue me

If I, had a wish, Lord I pray that I could have what we have
You are, so wonderful, Lord I'm yearning for you love I cant resist
And if


You're all I ever want,(your all i ever want) You're all I ever need(and all i ever needed)
You truly have my heart,(yes you do) You mean everything to me
I search the whole wide world
No I'm glad I turned
Now I know, that you're the one for me

Repeat Chorus 2x
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