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Viewing Lyrics for Cartilageous Pulped Offals:

Track:Cartilageous Pulped Offals
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Limb by limb... Cyst by cyst... Vein by vein
Intestines... Rotting tumours... Flesh to grind
Nerve by nerve... Piece by piece... Eye by eye
Mutilation... Self digestion... Suicide!!!!

[Repeat again]

Decrepit gastric waste... Acrid fluids...
Vomit bile... Vomit pus... Gargling mass of red
GRUME... Masticated cartilage... Carneous pulp
Effervescence... Feel the warmth... Feel the impulse
As your stomach is convulsed... Repulsions for your own flesh
Inverted digestion... Evecuation Reinvolution
Necroemetic GRUME!!!!!!!
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